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Dog tracking is for you!

The history of tracking began in Nepal. British citizen of Russian descent Odessa Odessa Boris Lisanevich opened Nepal for mass foreign tourism. And the basis for this was tracking – a comfortable and affordable outdoor activity in the mountains.

Tracking is first of all pleasure and rest on the move, on a journey to the unknown. This is an opportunity to see the nature and people of another country from the inside, without a colorful wrapper of mass tourism. Tracking is democratic. Its routes are powerful for every physically healthy person, with no age limit. Any tracking route can be completed. Only someone will need a day for this, and someone three.


During daylight hours, the group runs from 4 to 6 hours (depending on the general physical training), taking into account stops for a snack and rest at remarkable and picturesque places. A feature of the tracking mode is a return to the natural schedule: early rise and early retirement. The healing effect of this regimen usually manifests itself on the second or third day – people become calmer, vanity disappears, in the morning sincere blissful smiles appear on their faces. The porters with things are usually the first to go on the route – they move faster than everyone, then the guide-leader of the group. Each participant in the tracking, as a rule, has their own comfortable speed and the group stretches very much along the trail. Closing is the second guide. If the group is in approximately the same physical form, a guide-guide is enough. In the morning, before going out, intermediate points of the general meeting for a snack and rest are agreed. You can go tracking alone or as a couple. Depends on the mood. As a rule, those who already had experience in tracking do this.


A porter is a porter. The most common profession in mountain Nepal. Sherpas are a nationality, there are such people in the northeast of the Himalayas. In Nepal, they also work as porters. Engaging a foreigner in tracking is a great success for a porter. As a rule, the amount of the fee includes meals and overnight. In places of spending the night there are special rooms allocated by the owners for the porters. Porters always dine separately, with their company.

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