Trekking High in the Maternity Mountains

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Traveling to the sea for a pregnant woman is, on the one hand, an opportunity to improve health and get a sea of ​​positive emotions, and on the other hand, these are certain risks.

The first thing to do before planning your vacation is to visit your gynecologist. Only a doctor will be able to assess your condition and give the go-ahead for a vacation. If you have high blood pressure, diabetes, toxicosis and other pathologies, it is better to refrain from traveling. If you have no health problems, and the doctor allows you to travel, you should take a certificate from him, which will indicate the gestational age. She is needed if you are going to fly by plane – many airlines do not take on board women with a pregnancy of more than 36 weeks. Also, this certificate will help to avoid x-ray inspection at the airport.

If permission from the doctor is obtained, you can proceed to the choice of a place of rest. The ideal option would be the Kaluga sanatoriums available on the site. Estimate the length of the flight, change of time zones, climate, weather. It is very undesirable to fly “from winter to summer.” If your vacation was in the summer months, you do not need to go to countries with daytime temperatures above 40 degrees.

It is not recommended to spend holidays high in the mountains, a lack of oxygen can adversely affect the health of the future mother.

It is best to choose European Mediterranean resorts for relaxation, as well as Bulgaria, Greece, Cyprus, Montenegro, Croatia. But trips to exotic countries, such as Cuba, India, Thailand, island states of the Pacific and Indian oceans, it is better to postpone. The level of service and medical care there is an order of magnitude lower than in Europe, sanitary conditions leave much to be desired, and a long flight will create an additional burden on the body. The normal flight duration for the expectant mother is 4 hours.

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