Trekking in the Carpathian Mountains

Carpathians are considered Green

Everything is very simple. You just need to leave a request for the desired trip or in any other way to contact us. We will help with the choice of the route and answer your questions regarding the preparation of the trip. After which you fill out a complete questionnaire and buy tickets on our go-ahead. Actually, you just have to collect the equipment and arrive on time at the start place. We will take care of the rest))

Hiking in the Carpathians – the three most popular routes

Duration: 6 days

Undoubtedly, this is the most popular hiking trip to the Carpathians! And this is not surprising, because in just 6 days we will go through all the highest peaks of Ukraine, starting with Petros and Goverla, and ending with Pop Ivan. Just imagine what views open at such a height!

Duration: 3 days

Despite the fact that Goverla is the highest peak of Ukraine (2061 m), climbing it is not particularly difficult and is accessible to everyone! We always go to Hoverla – both in winter and in summer, so join in!

If the previous two routes passed through inhabited and popular regions, then this camping trip to the Carpathians will lead us through the mysterious paths of the wildest corner of the Ukrainian Carpathians – the Gorgan. Civilization has not yet reached here and you can fully enjoy the pristine nature!

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Hiking in the Carpathians – what is the secret of popularity?

It is not surprising that hiking in the Carpathians is particularly popular. Firstly, there are many unpopulated trails and easy to climb mountains. And self-confident tourists can climb the peaks of Pop Ivan, Goverla or Petros. Secondly, from May to September it is quite warm here, but not hot, and there will always be water nearby in the reach zone, regardless of the chosen route. Thirdly, so many edible and tasty things grow in the Carpathian forests that it’s hard to resist and not to taste the forest gifts. And, of course, you can go hiking in the Carpathians all year round! Winter hikes are no less interesting than summer ones, but have their own peculiarities due to the abundance of snow and low temperature. In general, the climate in the Carpathians is quite mild, in the summer it rains at times. It’s worth taking a raincoat with you, especially if you climb high mountains, where it is almost always windy. Despite the rather mild climate, even in June, snow may lie on the tops of the mountains, so the choice of shoes should also be taken responsibly.

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