Trekking to the Lazarevskoye Mountains

Lazarevskoe. Part 3
Mountain hike: Sochi – Lazarevskoye – aul Najigo – gorge of the Makopse River – peak Pseushkho (Peus) – Kumistepse waterfalls.

In Olympic Sochi, they completely forgot about the existence of tourists – all the mountains were blocked off, and even the low forest ranges constantly patrol the FSB and riot police. But true connoisseurs of beauty can not be stopped! Beautiful and picturesque places are not only in the Krasnaya Polyana region, but also at a considerable distance from it.

So, this time we will go to the low, but very interesting, because of its location, the mountain Great Pseushkho. Due to the extreme simplicity of the route, we decided that it makes no sense to call at the parking lot at the earliest. Although, we must remember that the mountains are deceptive and, even to such a simple-looking mountain, many Shapsug-Adyghe draggers come up, but not everyone leads to the top, and some even lead to neighboring gorges … Our team is big and people go from different cities, so the village was chosen as the gathering place. Lazarevskaya, from where our path will lie in the village of Najigo.

After setting up the camp and collecting firewood, we are trying to light a fire, but our attempts were unsuccessful – the firewood is very raw and, moreover, we notice that the water in the boilers that we collected for dinner had already begun to become covered with ice! But even the sun has not set yet, what will happen at night … The raw firewood lying in the heap for an hour is covered with ice and freezed to the very core – there is no hope of making a normal dinner. We hardly heat sausages on a smoldering fire, we heat the pot with water for tea – it was not possible to bring water to a boil.

The second day. Early rise – at 6.00, did not come to sleep in the mountains! The coldest hours are before dawn, and how well we felt it … because in the morning the temperature dropped to -12 -14 C0! The water bottle lying inside the tent was frozen, the corners of the tent were crusted with ice, the chocolate completely lost its taste, but the saddest fate was for the vegetables: the tomatoes burst, the cucumbers were petrified, and the greens could be broken off with separate branches.

And all this we observe inside the tent, what is being done on the street? …

We cook breakfast, of course, inside the tents – on gas burners. And outside. Some team members are completely shocked by such a temperature on the street: take a look yourself … After breakfast, we collect radial backpacks and go on an ascent with the first rays of the sun.

The path to the top lies along the southern edge of the mountain, the steepness of which in some places reaches 600 – this is not an easy task, but the top view is worth ten times the effort spent on this ascent!

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