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The Pushkin Mountains, sometimes called the “Pushgors”, located 120 km from Pskov, are inextricably linked with the life and work of the great Russian poet Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin. Mikhailovsky, Petrovsky, Trigorskoye, Savkina Gorka, Voronich settlement, Svyatogorsky monastery comprise the State Museum-Reserve of A. Pushkin “Mikhailovsky”.

We offer fascinating tours to the Pushkin Mountains from St. Petersburg – a corner of Russia, inspired by the genius of the Poet. There is a place here that people visit with special trepidation. This, of course, is the Mikhailovskoye estate. Pushkin carried in his heart a love of Mikhailovsky through his entire conscious life. On the hill above the Sorotya River is the poet’s estate, which once belonged to Osip Abramovich Hannibal – Pushkin’s grandfather. It houses the manor house and services. On the south side, a park adjoins the estate, turning into a centuries-old pine forest. The old house of the Hannibals was not preserved, but now it has been restored exactly as it was during the life of the poet. The main museum exposition is concentrated here. Next to the house-museum, under the canopy of an old maple, there is a squat wooden outbuilding under a back roof. This is the famous house of the poet’s nanny – Arina Rodionovna. The room, which was occupied by the nanny, reproduces the old decoration with things of the Pushkin era.

Excursions to Pushgory include a trip to the family estate of Hannibals – Petrovsky. In 1742, these lands were granted by Empress Elizabeth Petrovna to the poet’s great-grandfather, Peter the Great’s godson and associate, Abram Petrovich Hannibal. Then the estate was inherited by the cousin of A.S. Pushkin Peter Abramovich, who lived here without a break from 1782 to 1819. At this time, a large manor house was built here, and the estate acquired the appearance that Pushkin found. The poet met with P. A. Hannibal, taking an interest in a kind of history closely intertwined with the history of Russia, and was in Petrovsky to visit the son of Peter Abramovich – Veniamin Petrovich. The museum exposition allows visitors to get rich information about the life and work of Hannibals of three generations.

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