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No, bloggers, whatever you want, but I am also shocked by the morning message.

Today in the news it was reported that “Tourists from Moscow left their injured friend in the mountains in the Krasnoyarsk Territory because they were afraid to be late for the flight. According to the Ministry of Emergencies, during a trip to the mountains in the Ergaki Nature Park of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, a man injured his ligaments leg and couldn’t continue moving. Four of his comrades decided to leave him because they were afraid to be late for the flight for which they had already purchased tickets. They also did not report the incident to the rescuers. EMERCOM specialists found out what had happened from the mother th tourist only in a day. Rescuers arrived at the place, provided first aid to the man and delivered to the camp site. Rescuers are shocked by such an incident. “

But this happened in full accordance with the Geyropei values. Our mountain miners, Russian, and even in the distant Soviet years, have always been struck by this rule of Western colleagues: each for himself. If anyone is injured, he is to blame. Let himself be saved.

Our approach is quite the opposite. A group of tourists or climbers is considered as a collective, a single whole, and not just a set of individuals. Moreover, all of our mountaineers, cavers, and other tourists, must have undergone special training, which included search and rescue operations. Before each trip to the mountains, we passed exams to the IWC (Route Qualification Commission) without fail. The knowledge and skills of the provision of first aid were mandatory and necessary.

We walked different routes, including the highest category of complexity, and injuries occurred. But to throw a comrade in trouble – it never occurred to us.

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