How to Hike in the Mountains

1. With whom and where to go

Do you want to know what a summer trip to the mountains is? Are you looking for a corporate hike in the mountains or want to figure out how to organize a mountain hike on your own? The Lab team does not like corporate options, but we will tell you how to easily and quickly organize a trip to the mountains on your own. It is really not difficult, but, of course, it will require attention and elaboration of details.

First of all, what is it? Summer in the mountains is a completely unique nature: starting from amazing beautiful mountain views, murmuring rivers, sometimes wild animals, the air that simply cannot be found in the city, even in remote city parks, is in most cases excellent weather. This is a new state, both for the body, after several long transitions, and a new state of consciousness. In any campaign, not necessarily in the summer, you will feel some unusual unity with nature, thoughts will gradually be cleared, city worries, workers and personal unrest, will gradually recede into the background. If the trip will be more than three days, then upon your return you will have a completely different look at your daily life. With good company, these are fun hiking, cooking, active entertainment and much more. However, provided that your first trip is relatively easy, there are two options: either you will immediately like it and you will want more, or you will not like it right away. Therefore, at least once it is worth a try.

The main factors of organizing a trip to the mountains

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