How to Physically Prepare for a Mountain Hike

How to train for a hike

In this article I will try to answer the questions: is there any kind of preparation for going to Elbrus? how serious should it be? How to prepare for climbing Mount Elbrus? and how to objectively evaluate your physical fitness?

Climbing Mount Elbrus from the south, east and north is not associated with any technical difficulties. You do not have to climb rocks or sheer ice walls. However, climbing Mount Elbrus is physically difficult. You will carry a heavy backpack, climbing kilometers up the rocks and in the snow. At the same time, the lack of oxygen on Elbrus is not just words, it is something that takes half of your strength even with good acclimatization. This is bad news .. There is good news too! As our many years of experience show, absolutely any of our usual healthy people will be able to go through any of our routes to Elbrus. Even without any prior physical training. But! There are different ways to go along the route and climb Elbrus. At the same time, you can enjoy what is happening, looking at the landscapes around, or you can go, winning every meter from the Mountain and looking only under your feet. Whoever you are before, now you and only you can choose one of these options. Below is the preparation program we prepared for the ascent to Elbrus – to train with this program with full dedication or to choose the test for yourself at the limit of your abilities, choose for you. As you know, we have routes to Elbrus of varying difficulty. If you have doubts about your physical fitness and you are new to mountain climbing, choose one of our easiest routes for the first time. But if you are new to mountaineering, but regularly practice any kind of sport, and you have no doubts about yourself, choose any of the routes we offer.

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