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In any for lower or medium difficulty categories. Mountaineering is not taken into account. For kayaking and catamarans, bike rides, “pawns” – this system is quite suitable. It is also suitable for horse riding, but this species usually has experienced organizers who plan food for both people and animals.

Such a system of organizing the menu is also suitable for ordinary trips to nature, for example, to the river bank with tents, for fishing – for a week or more. Even if you drive, you still do not have an infinite amount of free space that you can fill with food. In the case of the machine, there is only one advantage – you do not have to think about weight, you can take with you more vegetables that can be stored longer, and fresh meat for the first 2 days.

Human factor

Before planning a hiking menu, you need to find out if the participants in the trip have allergies, food intolerances, maybe someone does not eat any foods for ideological reasons. All these points must be taken into account, otherwise one of the participants may remain hungry, and the campaign will be ruined for the whole group.


It is most convenient if one person will be engaged in the planning of food. He will compile a menu, calculate how much to buy products, and distribute who will buy what.

It is best to give this person unlimited power over the distribution of food. On duty, duty officers must obey him, his word should be considered law. The manager can stop all disputes in the distribution of products. He must solve all global issues related to nutrition (and take responsibility for his decisions, of course). Such unlimited power, while you are in the city in your kitchen, may seem ridiculous. But in the forest, this approach will help to avoid quarrels. Especially if the trip is quite tiring and difficult.


Nowhere without her. And when planning the entire trip and route, you must definitely think over where the group will be able to take water. Depending on this, you need to map out the places for nights and nights.


Typically, the layout is calculated for three meals. Breakfast and dinner are the most satisfying. Lunch is easier, especially if you move around during the day, then you need to spend as little time as possible for lunch.

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