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Currently, all manufacturers of photographic equipment, which, one way or another, can be used in mountain hikes, are firms belonging to either the Japanese or the Koreans. Only the German Watering Can produces cameras and photo lenses that a tourist can carry in the mountains without the help of porters, but the price of this miracle of photographic equipment with the necessary lenses exceeds ten thousand euros. Yes and no, and alas, it can’t be in the arsenal of a rangefinder digital Leyka lens with a focal length of 200-300mm, without which photographing the mountains is simply impossible.

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Canon does not produce special cameras for taking pictures in the mountains, and in general, during outdoor activities. To comprehend that more than 70 million Europeans are resting this way, the company’s marketers are apparently not given.

Canon digital SLR cameras have very poor software, like that that processes the information received from the matrix inside the camera itself, and that that comes with the camera for installation on a computer.

Canon interchangeable lenses are either very heavy or very mediocre. When photographing in the mountains, the desired result can only be obtained using expensive and heavy “L” lenses.

The original image that Canon SLR cameras give out can only be described in one word – gloomy. To shoot Canon SLRs in the mountains, you need to master PhotoShop to perfection, always shoot each story exposing it separately in light and shadow, record photos only in RAW, and most importantly purchase a program for processing RAW files from an independent manufacturer from Europe, for example: Capture One PRO

Canon SLR cameras are by far the best tool of this class for shooting in the mountains, primarily due to the presence of most of them with an optical viewfinder, although in the latest models, marketers of the company began to mercilessly fight this advantage.

The CCD used in these cameras does not produce a gloomy image like the CMOS image sensor. And if someone is lucky enough to get an old Canon non-mirror camera with a matrix whose resolution is less than 4 megapixels, he will become the owner of excellent hiking photos.

Of course, there are enough shortcomings in old cameras.

The best samples:

Of SLR cameras, these are: Canon EOS 5D and Canon EOS 30D. These cameras have the most appropriate optical resolution for the lenses of the matrix, few internal camera image processing and reasonable prices. Canon EOS 1D Mark III gives even better results, but the camera is too expensive and heavy, but it is very well protected from dust and moisture. The quality of the matrices of these three cameras can be seen here …

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