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Alpine skiing and tourism have been gaining unprecedented popularity in recent years. In addition to the slopes themselves from the mountain slopes, visitors can enjoy the magnificent views of the mountain nature and enjoy the clean mountain air. Bukovel is one of the largest ski resorts in Ukraine. The development of the ski area began in 2000. By 2012, it was noted as the fastest growing resort in this area.

If you are interested in skiing, or if you just want to try your hand in this direction, but do not want to pay too much, the site offers its users a unique opportunity to buy tours to Bukovel with skids up to 90%. You can find out more about possible promotions and discounts on visiting the Bukovel ski resort by clicking on the link. For example, visiting the resort during the New Year and Christmas holidays will cost the most, so you can find recommendations on the site how to reduce costs, for example, on equipment rental and on the road . Agree, if you save on the cost of living, you can either afford another trip, or purchase more expensive equipment. Those who are familiar with skiing firsthand know that it is very expensive to equip. So, for those who are interested in Bukovel. Geographical location The resort is located on the mountain of the same name Bukovel in the Ivano-Frankivsk region (920m above sea level) 1 km from the village Polyanitsa. The highest point – 1372m is located on Mount Dovga. The ski season lasts from November to April.

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