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In the near future, the spring season is approaching, which means that not far off is the time for vacations, holidays and, of course, hiking. If you are not a lover of beach vacations, or, for example, you decide to try something new and go on a real hike, then you need to seriously prepare for this matter.

This, of course, is wonderful: fresh air, new experiences, a change of scenery, real adventures and feelings of freedom! What could be more beautiful? It turns out that maybe it’s a hike accompanied by a certain comfort. To get real pleasure from such a vacation, you need to deal with a minimum of things that you have to take with you.

Usually inexperienced hikers make a common mistake – they take with them such an amount of “necessary” that then the whole route is tormented by the weight of their own burden, and, even sadder, even half of the things collected do not have time to use it. They don’t know that a hike is a special atmosphere with its own living conditions.

It is necessary to refuse a lot, but, interestingly, such deprivations do not particularly affect the overall impression of such a trip. And yet, let’s try to figure out what to take with you on a trip in order to feel as comfortable as possible while not carrying a heavy burden.

Where to start?

Naturally, with the elaboration of the route! It is precisely on its complexity and duration that the minimum set of necessary things will depend. You must admit that there is a huge difference between a trip to nature, which ends the same evening, or, at most, the next morning, and a serious week-long trip, in which overnight stays in tents and the intersection of quite dangerous ski slopes are expected.

We will try to average the list of everything necessary, however, it is possible to adjust for one or another side, depending on specific conditions.

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