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Preparing for the trip:

All the same experimentally established that the tolerance of height by a person very little depends on his athletic form and degree of fitness. It is rather a matter of physiology. Someone is given, but someone is not. It happens that on the same ascent, fragile, completely athletic girls successfully rise, and healthy, strong men break short before they reach it, although they scuffled like moose below. But people really like to draw conclusions that are convenient for themselves from anything. And now, perhaps, a sad misconception began to come into use from here that since it is impossible to train the body to a height, it makes no sense to train. And this is wrong. Yes, you will not much improve your individual tolerance of height by training (although long-term aerobic exercise on the plain to some extent accustom the body to work in conditions of oxygen deficiency, despite the various mechanisms of hypoxia). But regular aerobic training leads to a number of other positive results, the most significant of which in our case: – an improvement in overall health (subject to reasonableness and gradual training loads, of course) and, as a result, an increase in the “margin of safety” – strengthening immunity ( yes, this wonderful property of the body is achieved not by the use of immunostimulants, but by much simpler things: healthy exercise, healthy sleep, being outdoors, hardening, rules nutrition, etc.) – increased strength and endurance – the development of such an important quality as the ability to endure (including endure pain, endure work “to the limit”). All of the above properties of the body can do you good service at the height. Consider two situations (quite common). 1. Suppose that two people with conditionally identical individual tolerance of altitude (and both without mountain experience) go on a simple mountain route that runs at relatively low altitudes (3000 – 4000 meters on average, with a maximum height of not more than 4500 m). Only one person …

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