Skole Mountain Shovel Trekking

Trekking to Mount Shovel (Carpathians)

Tourists from different countries love the Carpathians because there are still islands untouched by civilization, where residents of megacities come to rest. The city of regional significance Skole, located in the Lviv region, was no exception. Skole hotels annually receive hundreds of tourists who come to these parts not only to relax in the lap of nature, but also to improve their health.

The district center is located in the valley of the Opir River, in the Carpathians. Elite Skole hotels welcome guests in both winter and summer. The secret of popularity is that this place is the starting point for many tourist routes. It is from this place that the path of many tourists will lie along such routes: to Mount Lopata, Mount Parashka, to waterfalls.

Now the city is actively developing, and so far the hotels in the central part of the city have the status of 1 and 2 stars, but in the coming years the situation may change. And the secret is that numerous hotels are being erected everywhere, and the benefits of relaxation have already been appreciated by numerous travelers from around the world, as well as from Ukraine. Today, due to the fact that there are not enough hotels for everyone, local residents offer to rent a room in a private household. Those few hotels that accept guests offer an extensive entertainment program: hiking, horseback riding, cycling, fishing, sightseeing tours to various attractions of the region, etc.

Booking hotels in Skole is a service that allows you to reserve a room at an affordable price for yourself and your family. There are about two dozen hotels of various categories in the village, however in the near future there will be much more of them. Now the village is being actively built up, in this place hotels are being built, as well as whole health centers. But today, our compatriots can use the online hotel reservation in Skole to go skiing in the winter, and in the summer go for a walk or ride a bicycle on the mountain slopes with a breeze. Booking a hotel is best 2-3 weeks before the upcoming trip.

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