Trekking in the mountains of Tajikistan

descent from Chimtargi in Fans

I have been actively traveling for seven years – since I bought my first camera in 2007. It was she who helped me to look at the surrounding nature in a completely new way and finally see all its beauty. Now it’s even hard for me to imagine life without travel and photography.

My main love is mountains. I live in Transcarpathia and the Carpathians walked along and across several times. I tried for a long time to understand why you did not have time to take apart the backpack after the next trip, but was already pulling it back. I think that they go to the mountains for solitude, run away from everyday life, the hustle and bustle that they pester in the city. Hiking in the mountains is a kind of meeting with a personal God. There you stop puzzling over questions of the meaning of life, because all this meaning is in full view of you. Having climbed, you can literally look at your problems from top to bottom.

In the stony landscapes of Tajikistan and especially the Fann Mountains – a unique mountainous area in the southwest of the Pamir-Alai – I fell in love with photo reports from other hikes. The idea of ​​a trip has been hatched for the past five years. This year I had a two-week vacation, and I decided to go with lightning speed. There are five-thousand-meter peaks in Fans: the highest is Chimtarga (5489m), others are Bodhona (5138), Great Hansa (5306m), Little Hansa (5031m), Mirali (5132m), Energy (5120m). Of course, I dreamed of shooting at such a height.


To get to the place, first I flew from Ukraine to Kazakhstan, and then to Uzbekistan, then I took the bus to the border with Tajikistan, and then through the whole country to the climbing camp.

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