Trekking Mount Kazbek

Climbing Kazbek

Day 1. Tbilisi

The team gathers at the Tbilisi airport. Flights from most major cities of Ukraine, Russia and Belarus fly here. Regardless of the time of arrival, our representative will meet you. After checking into a hotel, we will begin our acquaintance with the capital.

Day 2. Kazbegi

Three hours drive and we are on our way to the amazing Caucasus. We will visit the Ananuri fortress, standing on the banks of the Aragvi river. Having reached the mountains, we get to the temple of Gergetis Tsminda Sameba (XIV century). From here, perhaps the most popular view of Mount Kazbek. Below at its foot is the village of Kazbegi – the starting point of our ascent.

Day 3. Weather Station

We cross the Gergeti glacier to get to the weather station. In this transition you will gain the necessary experience in using cats. The instructor will conduct classes and the group will go through the glacier. We’ll set up a camp at a weather station, take a short break to rest, and after the instructor resolves all the bureaucratic issues, we’ll go to the radio station. To mitigate the possible symptoms of mild mountain sickness, we rise above the place of spending the night.

Day 4. Signature Plateau

Without proper acclimatization for all participants of the trip, a successful ascent to Kazbek is impossible. Therefore, we will go to another radalku – on the firn plateau, located at an altitude of 4300 m. Here we will spend several hours to adapt to the lack of oxygen and to the conditions of the highlands. The instructor will conduct classes and talk about the various nuances of climbing. We have a snack and go down to the weather station.

Day 5. Assault Camp

We again return to the firn plateau, but with all the equipment for climbing and setting up the assault camp. We fix the tents and finish the bivouac work. We leave for the radalka even higher, continuing our “stepwise acclimatization” – we always spend the night lower than before. Adhering to such a strategy, we bring closer the possibility of a successful ascent to Kazbek.

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