What Shoes to Choose for a Hike in the Mountains

Trekking shoes

Regarding the choice of shoes for summer hiking in the Globe, each instructor usually has his own vision. Someone says that we need special track mountain boots, someone says that you can even go in sneakers.

I will try to state my vision.

To begin with, dispel several myths: 1. Shoes do not get wet – it’s not true, only sheet metal does not get wet in the Carpathians. 2. High boots are the best hiking shoes – absolutely not. They look menacingly, that’s all. Bertsa do not rub their feet childishly + soar (especially the production of “moths”). 3. A hike is walking, such as sports, so gym shoes are categorically not. The sneakers have a thin sole, at least there will be knocked down nails, every smallest pebble on the road after half a day in the mountains you will feel with your brain, not just that foot + sneakers terribly glide when it rains.

Why walk? As the main shoe for the summer Carpathians, it is better to choose shoes, the so-called. easy trekking. There are several reasons for this: – firstly, the boot holds the ankle, the probability of tucking the foot in it is much less than in sneakers. – secondly – small puddles, dirt after rain, dew on the field – you are not a hindrance, be advantageous to differ and proudly walk directly, and not to jump the goat, being afraid to wet your feet in a puddle on the finger. – thirdly, bushes and other thorns that hit pebbles in your foot – this is not a hindrance to you. – fourthly – if the rain is not big, then your legs will remain dry.

Replaceable shoes. I always recommend taking along replacement shoes: 1. flip flops / sandals. Flip flops will be needed to wash in the river – they can be worn in the evening to leave the tent when it rains – if it’s warm, they can just be worn in the evening – flip flops can be worn for lunch, while your shoes are dry in the sun, and your legs will “breathe” and have a rest. And finally, they cross the river in slaps, because barefoot with a backpack you can cut your legs on the stones. By the way, the best flip flops are sandals, because they will not fly off your feet in the river :) 2. reinforced sneakers. It is worth taking in two cases: the trip is 2-4 days, the backpack is light, take a shift in the evening (because the shoes will be wet from walking even if there is no rain). And the second case (the main one): if you are not sure that the main shoes will withstand the whole trip, you have new, undisclosed shoes. The main requirement for interchangeable crosses – they will withstand, if anything, the entire trip.

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