Children’s Tourism Empire Mountain Altai

Children's Tourism Empire

Today, September 12, 2016, we can assume that our community is 3 years old, it seems very small in age, but already so big in reality … well, you understand what we are talking about

Now we sit and remember how much has been done with you …

● Support and assistance in organizing various auto competitions ● Avto party Pilot club + auto tuning exhibition ● ParkKing 2013 – annual auto festival ● City Day 2013 (with the support of the Central District Administration of Barnaul) Auto tuning + Auto party ● Support and assistance / Summer night – Waterpark – a grand night! ● Support and help / Auto racing at the hippodrome / Barnaul. ● Support and help / Basta + the whole gas holder – April 4 BARNAUL ● May 24 (Saturday) – #NISMO parade in Barnaul! ● June 14 – Racing on Svobody Square (Together with the Administration of the Central District of Barna la) + large car party 3 000 ● June 28 -. Auto Sound Festival in Barnaul + private party auto 2 500 ● July 26 #ParkKing 2014 -. The festival auto tuning + Open EIR, which gathered more than 4000 people! the main event of the summer. ● August 30, 2014 (Saturday) – A large show and exhibition of tuned cars, competitions on Freedom Square dedicated to the City Day of Barnaul + a grand auto party dedicated to the closing of the 2014 Summer Car Season! ● Nismo TRD Parade 2015 – Arlekino Park + nightlife for 4,000 people! ● ParkKing 2015 – Arlekino + openair on the Water World. ● City Day with Barnaul 22 – 285 years! Big auto theme on Malo-Tobolskaya St. ● Auto racing at the River Station (Bavarina square), November 2015, with a live broadcast on the TV channel ● Rally on May 9 River Station – Lenin Ave + auto exhibition on Lenin Ave. (Together with the October district of Barnaul) ● Museum night with Barnaul 22 together with the Museum of the city (with the support of the Central district of Barnaul) ● NISMO TRD parade – Panfilovo airfield in Altai. ● Pre party PARKKING – Altai Mountains – Tourism Empire ● The largest auto project and open air in Altai – PARKKING 2016 – July 9, 2016. About 7,000 people visited the night, more than 5,000 people spent the night. ● Barnaul City Day 2016 – Bavarin Square – The best driver of Barnaul 2016 for the BCVVM Cup + large auto exhibition. / Live broadcast on K24

This is all that was remembered on auto topics, maybe they forgot something, but we still have large-scale charitable and kind events!

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