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How to choose hiking shoes in

Shoes are perhaps the most basic element! Thanks to the right shoes, you can not worry about the safety of your legs, do not soak them, do not rub calluses, do not knock down the soles, will be less tired, which means you can more fully enjoy your Adventure. Many people who are accustomed to urban shoes face difficult the choice, going to a specialized store – the assortment is often very extensive now and your eyes just start to run up the shelves – what to choose? Let’s first deal with the main types of shoes for traveling through “unknown places” stam. ” Basically, these types of “foot activity” are shared: hiking (country walks), light trekking (light hikes of short duration), actually trekking (trekking on the most varied terrain, often multi-day), heavy trekking (trekking on difficult terrain, far from civilization , in difficult weather conditions, often with elements of difficult climbs) and mountaineering (climbing mountains on a very difficult terrain, often in ice and snow, low temperatures, discharged air with elements of climbing and ice climbing, t same dizzying slopes on a variety of surfaces). Let us now briefly analyze the main features when selecting shoes for each type of outdoor activity.

– Hiking – unhurried walks in rough terrain. It can be trails and paths in extensive parks, reserves, urban areas. Usually performed in conditions of fairly favorable weather. Footwear for such places, depending on the temperature, can be trekking sandals, almost any kind of sneakers, but it is better when these are sneakers that are positioned by the manufacturer as designed for hiking or training on rough terrain – they are more durable, have a sole with developed lugs. If you plan to move in places with frequent rains, membrane sneakers or light trekking boots are best. – Light trekking is the “transitional link” between hiking and trekking. In fact, this is the same hiking, but more extensive, the terrain can be quite rough places, as well as long ascents and descents. Shoes may be the same as for hiking, but if you are not an experienced tourist who knows how to walk a lot and is easy …

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