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To the top of the South Urals, 7 days – ascent to the city of Big Shatak, 1271 m.

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The Urals (from Bashk. Үр – hill, Bashk. Үral – belt) is a geographical region in Russia, stretching between the East European and West Siberian plains. The main part of this region is the Ural mountain system.

The Urals is at the junction of Europe and Asia and is the border between these regions. The stone belt of the Urals and the adjacent elevated plains of the Urals extend from the shores of the Arctic Ocean in the north to semi-desert regions of Kazakhstan in the south in the form of 100-400 km strip: for more than 2500 km they divide the East European and West Siberian plains.

Territorial division

· Polar Urals · Subpolar Urals · North Urals · Middle Urals · South Urals

The Urals have long been striking and amaze researchers with an abundance of minerals and their main wealth, minerals. In the bowels of the Ural Mountains there are iron and copper ores, and chrome, and nickel, and cobalt, and zinc, and coal, and oil, and gold, and precious stones. The Urals has long been the largest mining and metallurgical base of the whole country. Natural resources also include forest resources. Southern and Middle Urals provide the opportunity for agriculture.

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