Fan Mountains Trekking

Mountain hike to the Fan Mountains

1 day. Arrival in Tashkent

The first day will be full of moving. Therefore, you need to be in Tashkent until 10 a.m. If there is no flight with arrival before this time, then you should arrive in the city the day before. The instructor meets the group at the airport, we leave for the rented transport to Khujand (Khujand) in Tajikistan. On the way, we call at the Tashkent railway station and buy train tickets to Samarkand and Bukhara. We pass customs control on the border of Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. In Khujand (Khujent) we will have lunch in one of the cafes by the road, then the group transfers to high-cross-country vehicles and leaves on it to the Artuch climber camp at an altitude of 2200 m (climbing tourist base). We’ll arrive in the alpine camp late in the evening. Let’s settle down to rest after a grueling day, leave in the alplager some of the things that are not required in a hike in the mountains, but are necessary for excursions in cities.

2 day. Chukurak Pass Kulikalon Lake

Our first day of trekking in the Fan Mountains will be eventful, but sparing in load. First, we will climb to the double lake Chukurak located above the climber camp – the lowest lake of the three located in the Chukurak gorge. The color of the water of an elongated body of water changes from greenish in the afternoon, to blue in the evening. We go higher and find ourselves on the Chukurak pass (3180 m). Before us appears a magnificent panorama of the entire system of Kulikalon lakes. Right at your feet there is a mirror-like surface of several lakes, of course, we do not miss the opportunity to swim in their clear waters. We get down to the ponds beckoning with its beauty and set up our camp on the shore of the beautiful lake Bibidzhanat.

Kilometer 12 km – set 1000 m, descent 400 m

3 day. Alaudin Pass (1A)

Today, a long transition awaits us. Therefore, we wake up early, turn off the camp and begin climbing the Alaudin pass (3730 m). We will rush up the mountain valley to the Dushakha lakes at the foot of the Maria Mountains (the lakes are called “Tears of Mary”), then – even higher, following the path curving with a serpentine, to the pass. Before us is a picturesque view of the turquoise waters of Alaudin lakes in the rocks and the large Kulikolon lake. Then we will have a long descent to one of the most beautiful lakes in the Fan Mountains. Magnificent photographs of this natural miracle will surely replenish the collection of pictures in this campaign. We spend the night at Alaudin lake. On the opposite side of the lake is a teahouse. In the evening, you can go to her and try a real local pilaf.

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