Hiking in the Caucasus

Hiking in the Caucasus

The Caucasus Range: sharp peaks of peaks and deep gorges, flood meadows and rocky wastelands, furious streams of mountain rivers, stunning magnificent waterfalls and lakes with incredibly clear turquoise water …

Anyone who has ever been to the Caucasus is trying to return there again. The mountains beckon with their impregnability, obeying only the most courageous, and the beauty of the nature of the Caucasus is like “seeing Paris and dying” – a spectacle that captures the breath, and views that conquer the hearts.

Active recreation in the mountains of the Caucasus is an opportunity to prove to yourself that you can, an opportunity to reveal the potential of hidden abilities in yourself, is to overcome difficulties and obstacles (both physical and psychological), as well as a way to understand yourself, put your thoughts in order and understand what do you want from life.

But that is not all. After the difficulties that you are likely to encounter while hiking in the mountains of the Caucasus, it is so nice to go down to the Black Sea coast, plunge into the warm water (provided that you relax in summer or early autumn) and breathe in the saline air. And in the evening, around the campfire, instead of the usual sound of guitar strings, you can experiment and dance to Black Eyes and Yes, yes, yes, this is the Caucasus, throwing out sharply hands and outlining the pretzel’s legs, imitating a lezginka.

Active recreation in the Caucasus is multifaceted in its goals: it is a good physical preparation, and full psychological relaxation, and health benefits. The purest mountain air is a balm for your lungs smothered by the smog of a megalopolis. It is so pleasant to swim in the crystal clear water of mountain lakes after a hot day or a grueling climb to the mountain. And the southern tan? Is it possible to get a perfect tan lying on the beach under the scorching sun, like a bag of potatoes? The body evenly sunbathes only when moving, and, rising higher in the mountains, where, next to a flowering meadow, you can see snowdrifts of snow with ice, it is much more pleasant to sunbathe and generally spend time.

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