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Equipment. Preparing for a hike in the mountains

The choice of clothes and equipment depends on the tracks on which you are going to walk.

For exploring the valleys

Those who decide to limit themselves to walking along the valleys, or climbing to the peaks using a funicular or cable car, just need sportswear.You can put on sneakers and shoes, but the sole would be solid, because the main nuisance awaits a tourist in the valley – a road paved with small stones laid not so perfectly as tiles in the bathroom. There is nothing more painful than feeling every stone in the sole. Conductors recommend a tracksuit for walking, but, in my opinion, jeans are not the worst alternative.

It should also be remembered that the temperature in the valleys can change quite quickly, therefore, in addition to a light jacket in case of rain, it will not hurt to grab something warm. You can recommend clothes such as polar – it retains heat well and even protects from moisture. However, it has one significant drawback – it takes up too much space. A waterproof jacket protects from strong wind and rain. However, if the day is warm enough, an ordinary polyethylene raincoat will also save you from rain (you can buy it in Zakopane – it costs 4-6 zl (1-1, 50 euros)). An ordinary umbrella can come in handy from the rain. Of course, you won’t go to the mountains with him (this is just ridiculous), but you can take him for a walk in the valley.

It does not hurt to bring along a backpack, at least a small one, or, in extreme cases, a shoulder bag. Not only packages, they interfere with your walk very much. You can put some food and drink in your backpack. Warm clothes will fit here too – until they are needed – they will lie in a backpack, and if necessary, you can always get them.

For hiking in the mountains

In summer, the demand for clothes is not as severe as in the cold season. What you should pay attention to is comfortable shoes. She must sit tight on her leg. It’s better if it’s mountain boots, although sneakers are quite suitable. In the mountains you can’t do without a backpack. At least without one at all. It is necessary to put warm clothes and a raincoat in it in case of cold weather.

Remember that the temperature in the mountains decreases by 0, 5 degrees every 100 meters, and sometimes even by a whole degree. So at the top of 2000 meters it can be 5-10 degrees colder than in Zakopane – do not forget about it!

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