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How to choose a tourist

1. Volume-2. Weight 3. The design of the backpack-4. Accessories and fabric-5. Rain cover 6. Color.

Backpack volume. What to choose a backpack volume? It depends on what time of the year you are going to go on a hike, with whom you will go on it, and in what area it will happen. The longer your trip, the larger the backpack should be. But, for example, for climbing, they use small backpacks, since the main things remain in the alpine camp. Below is a proven table in which you can find the answer, how much backpack should have in accordance with the duration of the trip.

Trip duration

Backpack volume

1-2 nights

20-50 liters

2-3 nights

50-60 liters

5 nights

60-80 liters

More than 5 nights

80 liters and more

Other criteria for choosing the volume of the backpack — For small outings on nature, for example, on weekends, a backpack of 40-50 liters, or so, is suitable. —For hiking, you need to look for something in the region of 70-100 liters. Women, as a rule, go with a backpack no more than 40-70 liters. – For water and ski trips – 90-120 liters. There are much more things here.

The most optimal backpack volume is determined by a person’s height. If a person is not tall, then the recommended volume of a backpack for him is 65-85 liters. If he is tall, then 85-120 liters.

Weight Weight is an important criterion when choosing a backpack. Often, additional fastenings and pockets increase its weight. In short trips, the difference in weight is not noticeable, but in trips of six days or more, this will affect.

The presence of pockets The presence of pockets in a backpack is usually not only good, but also harmful. Since there is always the temptation to fill them with those things that we think will be necessary and useful in the campaign. In this case, the center of gravity is significantly shifted and the load on the back increases.

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