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anniversary of the mountain tourism section

Mountain tourists and climbers from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology went hiking and climbed during the Soviet era. Then for some time this movement died out, but in the 2000s the Mining Section of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology was revived again.

GS is a rapidly developing student organization, the main areas of activity of which are sports skiing, hiking, mountain and water trips, as well as participation and organization of orienteering competitions, touring all-around, etc. The ideology of the section is the promotion of an active lifestyle and sports tourism.

Sports tourism is one of the extreme sports, and nevertheless, it attracts more and more supporters every year. Of all types of tourism, mountain tourism is the most attractive for physical engineers, due to the rich variety of snow, ice and rock climbing techniques, not to mention rope technology.

The main activities of GS MIPT

Conducting sports skiing, hiking and mountain hikes of various categories of complexity (from simple trips n / a and 1-2 cc to 3-4 cc and above) Organization of mountain tourism schools of the Basic and Specialized level (BU and SU) to prepare participants for participation in sports trips in conjunction with the Sports Tourism Federation of Dolgoprudny ism, walking technique and mountaineering, as well as Rogaine and Challenge of SAR rabotamOrganizatsiya competition orienteering and mountaineering technique

GS MIPT is always glad to new members and is happy to teach beginners all the wisdom of tourist life, technical skills, improve their skills and general and special physical training, prepare them to participate in sports trips.

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