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Mountain tourism is a type of tourism consisting in the movement of a group of people along a certain route laid in a mountainous area in high altitude conditions (above 3000-3500m).

Hiking difficulty categories I – not less than 6 days, not less than 100 km II – not less than 8 days, not less than 120 km III – not less than 10 days, not less than 140 km IV – not less than 13 days, not less than 150 km V – not less than 16 days, not less less than 160 km

Mountain hiking areas and the maximum categories that go to them Caucasus West V Caucasus Central VI Caucasus East V Transcaucasia III Pamir Alai VI Pamir VI Tien Shan West IV Tien Shan Central VI Tien Shan Northern V Altai VI Dzhungarian Alatau Kuznetsk Alatau V Transbaikal III

The complexity of the route in mountain tourism is determined mainly by the complexity (categorization) of the passes included in it. Additional parameters are the length of the route (in kilometers) and the duration of the trip (in days). As in other types of sports tourism, in the mountain formally there are 6 categories of hiking difficulty. However, it should be noted that, within the same category, trips can vary significantly in actual complexity.

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