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My name is Leonid Feldman, instructor and teacher of the highest category PSIA – Association of American Ski Instructors.

Website creator and www. . He started skiing while on a student’s bench, and I continue this business until now, that is, for almost forty years now.

I live in the wonderful city of Salt Lake City, Utah, which I really, really like. Utah is one of the centers of world ski tourism and I am infinitely happy that I ended up here by the will of fate.

Now I work in the resort of Solitude, where I teach people from all over the world this fascinating sport. And those who are not familiar with me, I invite you to my site

The instructor’s activities bring me enormous satisfaction – to see how a beginner, who has just got on his skis and listening to what the instructor says, gains confidence in his abilities and to understand that my skills and mastery are in demand – it is worth a lot.

It’s no secret that in Russia, alpine skiing is developing by leaps and bounds.

New resorts open, new strings of lifts open on existing ones, as the next winter season approaches, the Internet begins to swell with information about what additional services the Alpine resorts will provide in the coming season, more and more videos appear with skiers flying through untouched snow, and so on.

On YouTube, a huge number of videos created by both masters who show how to ski from the mountains, and charlatans who absolutely do not understand and do not even know the basics of ski equipment, but, nevertheless, trying to be in the subject, put in their three rubles.

Sometimes such “training videos” simply resembles buffoonery, which is popular for absolutely inexplicable reasons.

As for the videos made by the masters, their main idea boils down to one: “Do as I do.”

This teaching method works, but rarely enough. .

In addition, you cannot solve the problem with just one exercise.

I recall my first (and not only first) steps on proud skis.

To me, a friend who was good at skiing said:

“We have to jump in different directions.”

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