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WHAT IS “CAMOUFLAGE” CLOTHING? Most people believe that the word “Camouflage” in clothes means, first of all, a certain coloring of these clothes .. But this is not so. First of all, these are certain properties of fabrics and materials used for the manufacture of this clothing and defining the unique characteristics of Camouflage clothing. These materials were specially developed for the production of clothing and equipment for outdoor activities (mountaineering, mountaineering, fishing, extreme sports, etc.), clothing for the military and special clothing. As a result, children’s camouflage clothing: 1. Waterproof and windproof – perfect protection from wind, rain and snow. 2. Comfortable and breathable – soft fabrics, loose fit. 3. Comfortable, warm, durable – all clothes have increased strength and wear resistance. Besides the previous qualities, children’s camouflage has a very high practicality – clothes often do not need to be washed, it practically does not require ironing. Matter, as well as durable seams, make camouflage ready for any challenge! That is why, recently, children’s camouflage is becoming more widespread, not only among cadets, fans of hiking, fishing and hunting, but also in everyday life!

But the color of camouflage clothing is also important – it is interesting, unusual, unique! Manufacturers offer a huge selection of boring colors, such as: autumn and winter forest, steppe, etc. Colors almost never repeat!

And if, after all that has been said, you still have some doubts, then the prices for these clothes will become the final argument for the purchase of such a costume for your child – they are simply low for clothes with such unique properties !!!

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