Mountains of Lviv Region Hike

Mount Pikui
Borzhavsky Range

Borzhava is considered to be one of the simplest routes of the Ukrainian Carpathians. Its height is much smaller than the neighboring Marmarosh and Montenegrin ranges, and the paths are lighter than on the wooded and stony Gorgan. Borzhava – these are gentle slopes, grassy hills and no thickets of the ubiquitous asp (Carpathian bush). You can go camping even with young children here, and it’s also a great opportunity to discover the Carpathians without lying down from fatigue.

You should not lose vigilance: “Carpathian paradise” sometimes presents surprises

There are cases when during the day the weather changed dramatically from pre-storm to almost tropical. Or when the ridge tried to remind tourists that they were all in the mountains: the wind was blowing with such force that strong guys had to crawl on all fours, hiding from the gusts behind the stones, and in the end they had to go down.

Traditionally, the hike begins from the Volovets railway station. Most trains arrive there in the morning, so the owners of numerous hotels have adapted to cook breakfast for tourists passing by. As a rule, the choice is small: meat, potatoes, soup and salad. However, the food is tasty and rather cheap – last season three dishes with beer cost 50 UAH.

The first landmark is Mount Tomnatyk (aka Temnatyk). For a rounded, slightly elongated shape to the top, locals call Mount Tsytska. Its top is crowned with an iron cross. Climbing the mountain is easy – the climb is gentle and even. Only during rains can it be uncomfortable to go, and even this is mainly due to the road broken by lorry-log trucks. But you don’t have to walk through the potholes for long – rising 200 meters above Volovets, you will simply climb along a forest path. And, if you’re lucky with the season, pick raspberries and strawberries. The berries in this part of the Carpathians are apparently invisible: the high Montenegrin ridge closes Transcarpathia from cold cyclones, and the climate here is mild.

Having climbed the ridge and having walked several hundred meters, you will reach the ruined cheese factory. For an overnight stay this is a great place: you can go inside and set up a camp inside the cheese factory, or you can just lay down a hearth of bricks lying around. In addition, there is a lot of firewood in the district, and not far from the cheese factory there is a sheep’s watering place with a stream wound up with a pipe where you can get clean water. The only drawback is that there may be too many sheep here that either wake you up in the morning with their bleating, or even take things lying around on the bivouac.

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