Tents for Mountaineering

Hiking in Switzerland in summer
Product information

Double tent for mountain tourism with increased moisture resistance of the awning and bottom.

The tent is specially designed for mountain and hiking. It is lightweight, durable. For additional thermal insulation, a skirt is used. The skirt can also be lifted in warm weather.

The tent and bottom materials of the tent are more protected from moisture than a regular tourist tent.

Includes aluminum pegs.

The minimum weight of the tent without pegs, guy wires and a cover is 2.6 kg.

Differences from the first version of the tent:

Awning is no longer made of silicone fabric. Awning fabric – durable Poly Taffeta 210T R / S PU 7000 Advanced ventilation system. Convenient Q-shaped inputs

Attention! Since 2016, another change has been added to the tent. The upper short arc that bursts into the awning is now under the awning, inside the tent. There are currently both tents available for sale.

Video reviews of the first version of Ai Petri tent. Changes from the first version – the awning fabric has changed, the login form has been improved.

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