Trekking Mountains Abkhazia 2016

This car trip around

»Hiking» Hiking routes »Hiking in the Caucasus» Avadhara (Abkhazia)

Adler – Ritsa Lake – Avadhara – Mzi Lake – Valley of Waterfalls – Ancho Pass – Seven Lakes Range and Agura – Arihua Ridge (Mount Ancho) – Pskhu Village – Gudout Pass – New Athos – Adler

Duration – 9 days.

Kilometers – 113 km

Cost – 16,000 rubles 12,000 rubles

Difficulty – Medium

Departure: until 12 in the morning in Adler

Place of Arrival: about 15 in Adler

The nearest dates:

not yet on schedule

This trip to Abkhazia is like a continuation of our first route “Arabica and Ritsa”, which ends at Lake Ritsa. If you happen to go to the first, then you can gladly go to the second to find out what will happen next. And if you weren’t, choose any – hiking in Abkhazia is difficult to compare with something. Distinctive features of this route: many radial exits, an easier pace of movement and relatively small elevation changes. We will enjoy the splendor of mountain lakes, get a drink of mineral water, visit the inaccessible village of Pskhu, dolmen in its environs. The campaign ends in New Athos with its famous monastery, a picturesque waterfall and a mysterious cave. And, of course, the last night is planned on the seashore.

Day 1. Adler – Ritsa Lake – Avadhara

We meet at the Adler railway station. Crossing the border. On the ordered transport, we move to the Big Ritsa. From here we start on foot through the magnificent Yupshar Canyon to the famous mineral resort of Avadhara. Here we have plenty to drink excellent mineral water, and completely free.

Starting altitude 1100 m, overnight altitude 1600 m, climb 500 m. Distance 15 km.

Day 2. Radialki to Lake Mzi, to waterfalls

Today we are facing only radials, i.e. we will go without backpacks. We will visit the picturesque mountain lake Mzi, located on the Atsytaku mountain range. Then we will go to the Valley of Waterfalls – the name speaks for itself! If there is time, we can go to Mount Adjarra. Overnight in Avadhara again.

The radial on Mzi set and descent 450 m, the radial on waterfalls set and descent 200 m. The total distance per day is 16 km.

Day 3. Avadhara – Ancho (Pyv)

We pass to the Ancho pass, to the Pyv glade. Here begins the zone of alpine meadows. In these places we will stay for three nights to properly explore the surroundings with the help of radial exits.

The height of the night is 1900 m, climb 300 m. The distance is 10 km.

Day 4. Radial exit to the Seven Lakes Valley and to Agura Mountain

Without backpacks, we’ll go all day to the Valley of the Seven Lakes. This is an incredibly beautiful place where wild pristine nature has been preserved. For the night we will return to the clearing Pyv.

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